PKF Cooper Parry working with business development executive to build firm's profile in West Midlands

PKF Cooper Parry working with business development executive to build firm’s profile in West Midlands

Following its announcement of plans to open a Birmingham office, leading business advisory and accountancy firm PKF Cooper Parry is working with a Business Development Executive to help build a wide contact base in the West Midlands.

Adrian Gill is working for the firm, which recently moved its three teams from Leicester, Nottingham and Derby into one Google-esque super-office at East Midlands Airport.

Adrian was previously commercial director for HSBC in Birmingham. Due to his extensive knowledge of businesses in the area, his brief at PKF Cooper Parry is to build a strong and organic pool of contacts in and around Birmingham, raising the firm’s profile and attracting new clients for when it opens its new office.

He said: “After 40 years in banking, many of which were spent in the West Midlands where I integrated three HSBC centres into one in Birmingham with an income stream in excess of £20m per annum, I decided to retire.

“However, after six months of retirement I was approached by PKF Cooper Parry to help to build their profile in Birmingham and I couldn’t resist the offer. The firm is extremely forward thinking and full of energy, which is infectious as soon as you step through the doors of the new office.

“My task is to help PKF Cooper Parry with raising their profile in Birmingham, using my contacts within the business community, in the £10m to £200m turnover category.

“The overall aim is to boost PKF Cooper Parry’s national reputation and help to position the firm as the leading business advisory and accountancy firm in the West and East Midlands.”

Adrian explained that one of the challenges for an accountancy firm opening a Birmingham office was the current economic climate, with business picking up at different rates in different areas following the recession.

He said: “The West Midlands is a challenging area to penetrate because it is home to a lot of manufacturing businesses which experienced really tough times recently. However, we are going in to this with our eyes open and, thanks to the global reach of the PKF network, we know what we have to offer clients is a really appealing suite of services with the potential for both national and international business development.”

Chief executive at PKF Cooper Parry Ade Cheatham said he was thrilled to be working with Adrian and confident that he would help to boost the profile of the firm’s new base in Birmingham.

Ade said: “Adrian has an extensive list of contacts in the West Midlands and very wide experience, spanning several sectors of banking at HSBC. We are delighted that he has joined our firm and we are looking forward to building relationships with many of his contacts in Birmingham.”

PKF Cooper Parry are currently looking at the options for the move into the West Midlands market, be it through a merger, acquisition or taking key individuals on board. The firm hopes to take on around 75 new staff at the new office.

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