How to Register

Registering is simple, first of all, click here.

Add your preferred username.  It’s a good idea to use your company name for this, as this will show on any news, events and other listings you post.

Add your email address and click ‘register’.
You’ll be sent an email.  This contains your username and importantly, your password.  Keep this safe.
Click the confirm link and you’ll be taken to the website’s login page.

If you don’t receive an email or if you’re having problems registering, simply call 01332 418377 and we will help you.

How to Add Your Profile

Once logged in you can create your company profile.
Looking on the left hand menu, click on ‘Companies’ and then ‘Add New’

In the title area, add your company name
In the text area, add a few sentences about who you are, what you do and why you are so good.

Now look beneath this area and you’ll see ‘Business Fields’.  Add your address, telephone number, email address and web address to the relevant fields.

Now look on the right hand side (we’re nearly done!)
Ensure you add a tick to the category that most closely matches your industry.

To add your logo, look to the far right bottom. 
Select ‘Featured Image’ – A window will open
Select the file on your system  – Sized at 278 x 159 pixels will work best.
Once the image has uploaded, scroll down a little and select ‘Use as Featured Image’
Close the window

OK, we’re ready to post your profile!
Check you’re happy with everything.  you can even click the ‘ABC’ icon to spell check your information.
Click ‘Publish’ and low and behold, your profile will be live.

Please note: Your listing might take a few hours to go live, as our administrators need to confirm new members!

If you’re having difficulty uploading your profile – don’t worry, simply call 01332 418377 and we will help you.

Posting  News, Offers, Property and Vacancies

Once logged in, look towards the top left of the screen
Select ‘Posts’ and then ‘Add new’
Give your post a punchy title
Add details within the text area
Looking to the right, ensure you add a cross to the most relevant category
You may add a featured image as per your business profile
Once you are satisfied with your content, click ‘Publish’

Posting Events

Looking to the left of your screen, you’ll see an events button.
To add your event, click ‘add new’ and simply input the start and finish dates and times, description, location and if you like, links to the event’s dedicated web page to the venue too if the relevant web pages exist.
Once you are ready, click save event and this will show on the event page!
Please note:  Events on the homepage are controlled by the site administrator only!

Search Engine Optimisation

You can add Google relevancy to your profile and all posts in a number of ways:
Firstly, you should add relevant keywords to the ‘tags’ feature.
Scrolling down the page too, you will see a box named ‘All in one SEO’ – You should aim to input a relevant title and then a short description beneath.  These two elements are the blue title and sentence that appears beneath it in Google, so the more relevant to your posting you make these, the better!

If all else fails….

If you’re having difficulty registering your profile, uploading pictures or creating a post, don’t worry. Simply call 01332 418377 and we will help you.

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