Free NHS Health Checks For Pride Park's Workforce

Free NHS Health Checks For Pride Park’s Workforce

Every 7 minutes someone in the UK will have a heart attack and every 12 minutes someone in the UK will have a stroke.
The NHS Health Check programme invites adults in England, aged 40 to 74, for a free health assessment which aims to identify those at risk of serious, but potentially avoidable conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Healthy Working Futures are working in partnership with Derby City Council to provide free NHS Health Checks in the workplace. Members of your workforce aged 40-74 and registered with a Derby City GP are eligible for their free NHS Health Check.

A 2015 study carried out by Healthy Working Futures found if health checks were offered in the workplace, 87% (base 361) would participate rather than go to their doctors. Furthermore, over 80% would act upon the advice provided to them at their appointment.

“Derby City Council are pleased to welcome Healthy Working Futures to Derby to support the delivery of NHS Health Checks in workplaces. This is a fantastic opportunity for people in Derby to take action to reduce their risk of developing some serious conditions.” Angela Odell, Public Health Manager (NHS Health Check lead)

Don’t miss out of this time-limited opportunity to support the health and wellbeing of your workforce. To reserve your organisations free NHS Health Checks please contact Andrew Harris or come along to the next event on Tuesday 25th April, book here to reserve your place.

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