Employer & Education – Working together to inspire the future

Employer & Education – Working together to inspire the future

Working-Together 18th July SMALLER

Employer & Education – Working together to inspire the future


Tuesday 18th July

8am (breakfast)      8.30 – 11.30

Riverside Centre, 2, Riverside Court, Derby, DE24 8HY

Explore how partnerships between schools and employers can be developed to:

  • Provide a link between education and work
  • Improve awareness of the World of Work and the labour market
  • Raise aspirations and improve attainment

Let’s work together to improve the employability of our young people

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Employers & Education: Working Together

If you require any further information then please do contact Jacqui Kinch on 07812 301004 or Jacqui.kinch@derby.gov.uk

Detailed below is some background information which may stimulate some interest.

What do we know?

  • The Office for National Statistics in June 2016 reported that nationally there are 750,000 vacancies, one quarter are skill-shortage related…….. then later on in the report it noted that youth unemployment is 3 x higher than total unemployment. While there may be many reasons to explain this, one of them is likely to be linked to education during school and college years.
  • The CBI Survey 2016 revealed that the overwhelming majority of employers across the UK believe the quality of careers advice for young people is not good enough (by a balance of -79%).  The report also noted that among employers with links to schools and colleges, the two most common forms of support by far are offering work experience placements (80%) and careers advice and talks (80%)
  • The Employers and Education taskforce in January 2016 reported the following:


“…young adults surveyed who recalled greater levels of contact with employers whilst at school were significantly less likely to be NEET and earned, on average, 18% more than peers who recalled no such activities.”

– Dr Anthony Mann


NEET – Not in education, employment or training

What can we do?

It is this latter point that is of particular interest, in Derby City if we can increase the level of contact with employers for students at school this will help contribute to improving the previous points.

  • If more employers were able to talk to students about their organisation, this will help improve careers advice and make students aware of what skills and qualifications are needed to be successful.
  • If students can see different employers in their lessons they will then make the link between what they are doing in the classroom and the world of work and this should help raise aspirations for the employees and employers of the future.

The ‘Working together to inspire the future’ event is very much about exploring ways in which local employers can get involved in local schools but more importantly for local employers to contribute to ways in which they would like to get involved.  There will be employers present who are already involved in some activity, there will be some head teachers and deputy head teachers present along with some Careers teachers so meaningful discussions can take place.
It would be great to see a wide range of employer involvement, from the larger employers in the area to the small and medium sized businesses as well.




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