Derby Students take pride in raising funds for The Laura Centre

Derby Students take pride in raising funds for The Laura Centre

On Wednesday 31st July a team of young people will be at Derby Pride Academy where they will be cycling the distance of 4500 Derby County football pitches!

They are working hard to promote this event, which will be live-streamed by social media accounts and available for all to watch! The team is made up of fifteen 16-year-olds and our team leader Lauren, who will be aiming to secure £30 sponsors per person.

The team is looking for the support of local businesses who may wish to sponsor our event or give donations which we can use to support our charity raffle on Tuesday. Their Hub is based at pride park we would be willing to meet with any businesses that may require voluntary labour in return for a donation to our charity.

The event will raise funds for a local charity called The Laura Centre. The charity works to supply counselling and support for children who have lost parents and parents who have lost a child. The centre is funded solely by donations from the public and the event is set about to raise £1000 for this chosen charity. 70% of these donations to help renovate the waiting and counselling rooms at the centre and giving a 30% cash donation directly to the charity.

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