Derby Pride Academy working hard to reduce young 'Neets'

Derby Pride Academy working hard to reduce young ‘Neets’

Derby Pride Academy is an alternative provision free school based on Pride Park.

We work with vulnerable and challenging young people to engage and sustain learning to improve their attainment, behaviour, attendance, self-esteem and confidence whilst providing skills to support development as responsible members of the community.  We also develop employability skills to prepare them for employment, apprenticeship or other study routes beyond 16.

A recent report written by a BBC correspondent describes how those young people who are able to engage in regular contact with employers while at school are much less likely to become NEET, that is ‘not in education, employment or training’.

The research found that if students had at least four contacts with employers before they left school they would be 86% less likely to become NEET.  These employer encounters could be in the form of visits from employers, job shadowing or placements in the workplace.

The availability of contact with employers was skewed towards better-off pupils, meaning that disadvantaged pupils were more likely to miss out on such insights into the world of work.  Those who were least likely to have such links with employers were those on free meals and whose parents had low levels of education.

The study found a link between positive experiences of meeting employers at school with a more successful entry into the jobs market and was particularly useful for the type of “soft skills” communication and social skills valued by employers.


Here at Derby Pride Academy we are keen to give our students the best opportunity to experience the world of work and to help them secure fulfilling jobs in the future.  We offer them a variety of Life Skills and careers advice as part of our curriculum but would welcome further engagement from local employers who would be willing to come into our school to talk about their jobs, answer questions from our students and raise awareness about possible future careers.


If you feel you would be able to give a little of your time to come into Derby Pride Academy to speak to our students, possibly during a joint Q & A session, or would be happy to host a small group of supervised students on your premises please contact Nicky Smith,, 01332 349616, to make the necessary arrangements.

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